The Academy Award winning Shotmaker Elite combines a powerful yet smoooth running camera car with a ready to use crane in one hardworking vehicle. Take command of an Elite on your next production and discover why it's been called the most significant movie making tool in a generation!

Features include:
  • A crane arm that reaches a lens height of 23' (higher with risers). The arm can rotate through 360 degrees without cable wrap-up, with the vehicle in motion or stationary.

  • The center post which supports the arm can be hydraulically adjusted to compensate for camber in the road, keeping the camera horizontally level at all times.
Click image for larger view.
Click image for larger view.

  • Three axle construction for maximum stability and safety and all wheels crab.
  • Hydraulically operated front camera platform can be raised or lowered with the vehicle in motion or stationary.
  • Vibration absorbing, total air suspension automatically corrects 15 times per second for chatter-free running shots.
  • The Elite can be driven electrically for minimum camera car noise. The electric drive can be operated from the rear platform or the driver's cab. Under electric power, the vehicle can travel forwards or backwards at speeds up to 20 miles per hour.
  • The camera car carries a 200 amp DC battery pack plus 5 - 500W quartz lights for faster night time wraps.
  • Using Shotmaker tow dollies, the Elite can tow up to three picture vehicles, or 6 motorcycles, at once from 11 hook-on points around the vehicle.
Maximum lens height with arm forward *23'0"
Maximum lens height with arm to the side *21'6"
Maximum lens height with arm to the rear *20'6"
Maximum weight on arm 600 lbs.
Maximum lens height on front camera platform *11'6"
Maximum vertical arc of front camera platform 6'0"
Maximum weight on front camera platform 800 lbs.
Vehicle length 23'3"
Vehicle width 7'4"
Vehicle travelling weight 21,000 lbs.

*All lens heights are with standard mounts.

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