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Shotmaker: State-of-the-Art Camera Cars & Cranes

The Shotmaker Company rents state-of-the-art camera cars and cranes to the professional motion picture and video production industry. Shotmaker equipment has been providing the shots in made-for television movies, episodics, television commercials and music videos.

Shotmaker Offers:

NEW FROM SHOTMAKER: 23' Scorpio Telescoping Crane

Shotmaker 23' Telescoping Camera Crane

Shotmaker's 23' Scorpio Telescoping Crane with 5 Axis Stablized Scorpio remote head comes camera ready to set.



Shotmaker 23' Telescoping Camera Crane

The Shotmaker GatorCam comes with 24' Jimmy jib triangle with 3axis remote hot head. Get your shots fast with GatorCam. Has the ability to drive from location to location with camera mounted. Has 4 hydraulic leveling jacks and can level out in seconds. Has  a top speed of 30mph and is battery operated. Great for golf locations.



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